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President/Chairman Of Governing Council. ICCA

Our vision is to be Credible, Accountable and a leading Financial Institute capable of providing a central and distinct body in Federal Republic of Nigeria and Internationally in Accounting, Management, Taxation, Finance and Audit sectors of the economy.

Our mission is to evolve a durable and sustainable human resources development in Small and Medium Scale Industries (SMES) which is the heart beat of the economy that the Federal Government of Nigeria has neglected years ago, thereby having a negative impact on the national economy e.g. Low productive capacity, Low GDP rate, High rate of inflation, High unemployment rate etc. Similarly, ICCA is to engage in the training of Accountants for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

Annual General Conference & Induction of New Members

Mini Hall, University of badan Conference Centre, Oyo State.

 19th November, 2011

Paper Presented: The Impact of Microfinance on SMES In Nigeria
Paper Presenter: Dr. S.O. Oladoyinbo

Conference of the Fellow's Forum

Venue: Lagos Airport Hotel, 111 Awolowo Way - Ikeja, Lagos.

Date: 3rd March, 2012

Paper Presented: Incoporating And Managing Small, Medium Scale Enterprises Profitably In Nigeria

Paper Presenter: L.O. Badaru

Annual General Conference & Induction of New Members 2012

Syndicate Room (Standard), Centre for Management Development (CMD), Management Village, Shangisha, Off Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Toll Gate Lagos.

 8th December, 2012

Paper Presented: International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS), a Contemporary Issue currently in Nigeria, Financial Reporting System, which would be adopted by all Financial Reporting Entities by year 2015.
Paper Presenter: Dr. A. O. Olofintila

Fellow's Forum

Venue: Room 18, Centre for Mnagement Development (CMD), off Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Shangisha, Toll Gate, Lagos.

Paper Presented: Financial Reporting: As a Tool for Improving the Performance of SMEs

Paper Presenter: Dr. S. O Oladoyinbo

Date: 9th March, 2013.

The Society of Accounting Education (SOAE)

<Founder / President: Prof. Dr. Ansar Ali Noor, FCCA.

Website: www.soae.edu.pk

The Indian Management Academy
Founder / President: Dr. G. D Singh, FCCA.
Website: www.imaonweb.info

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